Leah Seydel
Leah Seydel's Fundraiser

We can purchase LAND on which to build a School, Foster Homes, and Clinic!

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

$540 towards $2,000

Why do I want to help a Imana Kids purchase land and build a village?

By 2020, Rwanda's primary age boarding schools will be closing and our kids will need a home. This impacts our Musa, 80 other Imana Kids, and many many more. Dorms have been better than the street, but homes are better than dorms. The land Imana Kids is buying will become a village. On this land are plans to build a school, trauma care trained foster homes, medical clinic and a chuch. ❤️ 100% of your money goes to the kids with Imana Kids Orphan Care Ministry, it is such a worthy use of your funds. And when you're ready, I'll go with you and you can see the village you helped to build!

Help us create a healing community for vulnerable children to learn and grow!
A donation of any size will go a long way in helping Imana Kids meet their campaign for $20,000. It may feel different giving to Imana Kids for this campaign rather than toward my mission trip expenses, but know that it means just as much to me! The opportunity to purchase this land on which to build a village, is going to change the lives of so many more children.

Thank you for your donation!