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Suzanne Turek's Fundraiser

Will you help purchase land to build a school, foster homes and clinic?

Together we can make a difference!

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Friends, here is a personal opportunity to literally CHANGE the lives of many vulnerable children in Rwanda.

We have been supporting a boy named Justin over the years. And because of Imana Kids, this sweet boy, has been able to attend boarding school, eat well, and have all his basic needs covered for less than $100 per month.

But now Rwanda is implanting some new regulations which will close the boarding school we currently send him to.

Thanks to the vision of our friends, Ryan and Kara Higgins, all the children that so many have been supporting throughout the years, will still be able to attend school and be taken care of well. But first, we need to raise $20,000 to purchase available land to make this vision come to fruition.

$20,000. For the price of a car, we can purchase land and make this happen. We can keep the children in school. We can literally give them a life that they otherwise would not have. And we can do this together- dollar by dollar. We can help change a generation of children by joining our resources.

Rwanda may seem far away to you. But, I assure you, these sweet children are no different than yours. They want to be loved. They want someone to be proud of them. They want to be encouraged to do their best. Justin writes us letters regularly, and every time I am reminded... that we are all more alike than different.